Sadly, the 2013 Halloween season is now behind us.  While I'm excited to be closer to the 'holiday season' of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I find myself already mourning the 'Fall Classic' that is Halloween.  I've mentioned on the air a number of times that my favorite thing about October is watching scary movies.  To convey how accurate this statement is, here is a list of some of the movies I watched throughout just October.  Also, check back, because I guarantee I'll forget some and then update the list.


INSIDIOUS: The official kick-off to the Halloween season was an underrated movie that I did not know I was missing out on.


INSIDIOUS 2: My girlfriend and I watched the first one simply so we could go see the sequel in theaters.  It was worth it, but part 1 was better.  Don't see the second until you see the first.


SCREAM: Probably the most popular and mainstream of '90's horror, Scream 'entertains' better than it scares.


SCREAM 2: Much like the original, only not as good.


SCREAM 3: The franchise was pretty tired at this point.


I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER: I hadn't seen this movie in probably 15 years.  It was worse than I remember.


I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER: Fun fact, the last five movies on this list were all written by the same guy, Kevin Williamson.  He also wrote "Dawson's Creek."  You're better off watching "Dawson's Creek."


PSYCHO: I kinda forced my girlfriend to sit down and watch the original Psycho.  Alfred Hitchcock...  None of this Vince Vaughn garbage.  I could NOT believe how well this movie held up over 50 years later.


PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: Maybe my second-favorite scary movie of all-time (my first being The Shining), there hasn't been an October since the movie first came out that I haven't watched this movie.


PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2: A great scary movie, despite not being as good as its big brother.


PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3: Holds up better than most horror movies with a "3" on the end.


PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4: Got the coveted "main event" slot this year, being one of only two movies I watched on October 31st.  Sure, it's the worst of the franchise, but it's better than many horror franchises best movies.


ROOM 237: The other movie that got the October 31st treatment, Room 237 is a documentary on my #1 favorite scary movie ever, The Shining...  For true fans of the Kubrick film only!


TOY STORY OF TERROR: This kids' short kicked off ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween event.  While not technically a "movie," this short may very well go on to be to this generation of kids what "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is to the generation before me.


TEEN WOLF: The 1985 original with Michael J Fox, also part of ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween, shoots more for 'fun' than it does for 'scares...'  And to be honest, it wasn't even that 'fun.'


FRIGHT NIGHT: This modern remake of vampire hunters left me disappointed.  It was weird seeing McLovin not trying to make jokes about his genitals.