You can keep your Da Vincis and your Van Goghs...  In MY apartment, album covers are fine art.  I have posters or displays of many artists in my apartment.  These aren't necessarily my favorites, but here are five random album covers that adorn the walls of my apartment and the stories about how they got there:


Def Jam

Rihanna - Talk That Talk: Before a 13 hour road trip home to Philadelphia one Christmas, I picked up a weird box-set of Rihanna's first three albums.  It contained a poster for her upcoming Talk That Talk album.  She looks hot in it, so I decided to hang it above my hamper in my bedroom.



Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic: While not technically my favorite album of theirs, Toys in the Attic is a legendary rock and roll album.  One of my closest friends picked me this album up on vinyl because of how much I love the band.  Knowing I don't have a record player, he framed the album for me to display.


Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion (I & II): Even though I'm not listing my FAVORITE musical posters, this set of 4'X3' posters happen to be my favorite.  I won them in an auction on ebay in 2003.  GN'R is my all-time favorite band, and Use Your Illusion II (The blue one) happens to be my second favorite album in the history of music.  They're currently on my wall on either side of a window above bookshelves in my study.
Those bookshelves, by the way, hold old wrestling movies.
Hinder - American Nightmare: Hinder came through Evansville in 2011 to promote their American Nightmare album.  Our radio stations got to do some meet and greets and they were really cool guys and they signed some promotional stuff for us...  One of which was a poster-size version of their album cover.  They all signed it and I have it in my man cave next to my video game shelves.  I've never heard the album, and have no intentions to.
Michael Jackson - Dangerous: In my bedroom I have a really cool poster that I got shortly after Michael died in 2009.  It's a montage of all of his album covers.  For some reason, Dangerous is my favorite album cover of his.  So, technically, every one of his album covers is hanging in my apartment.
...Even Invincible :(