So I have to be honest here, I'm a big Ellen show fan, and today my favorite actor of all time was on there.  Wanna take a guess at who it is?  (Hint: Total babe, awesome actor, Captain Jack Sparrow)  Figure it out yet?  In case you live under a rock and didn't know by the Jack Sparrow hint, it's Johnny Depp.  so of course today I definitely made a point to watch Ellen, and was lucky enough to catch Flo Rida perform 'Wild Ones'

   I wonder if that chick would let me borrow those leopard print pants?

And also for your viewing pleasure, here's a part of her interview with Johnny Depp.  I can't wait to see his new movie 'Dark shadows' are you going to go see it? My mom used to watch the show as a kid. Okay and onto the interview, and can I please just say one more time how big of a crush I have on this man?