The past month and a half has treated the Evansville area to some of the coldest weather on record, but it could be worse, and you probably remember that it was.

January 28th, 2014 marks the five year anniversary of the ice storm that hit the Tri-State, leaving everything in sight encased in ice. Nothing was spared, houses, trees, power lines, vehicles, if ice fell on it, it stuck, and it stayed.

The pictures that follow are ones I took around my house during that time, and while my family and I were fortunate enough to not lose power or have any pipes burst, others weren't so lucky. As much of a pain in the...neck as it was, when you took an up close look at it, it really was a pretty amazing sight to see, and dare I say, beautiful in its own way.

A power line completely embedded in solid ice. (Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)
More power lines running from the pole behind the garage to our house. (Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)
(Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)
Branches from the neighbors bush collapsing under the weight of the ice. (Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)
An up close look at one of the branches from the bush pictured above. (Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)
Chain link fencing around our backyard. (Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)
The neighbor's tree across the alley. That's a power line it's resting on. More proof of how lucky we were not to lose power. (Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)
One of my favorite pictures. The net and rim were completely encased in ice. (Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)
Same goal, different angle. Notice the inch or so of ice across the top of the backboard. (Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)