- by Steve Henning

As I realize at 39 that I'm still very much a child, so I decided to put together a top five list of five things kids do that I wish were as acceptable as an adult. Maybe you feel the same way too?

5. Eating Whatever You Want - Regardless of Calories, Sugar, Fat or If It Makes Sense

This is more unaccepted by my body than it is by other people. Maybe I just want a bowl of sugary cereal and some pizza bread, which consists of a piece of bread, sauce from a jar and a Kraft single! I used to live on staples like this!  ...and not so much anymore.

4. Wearing Whatever You Feel Like Because You're a Kid and That's How You Roll

When I was young, Underoos were acceptable (by me) as outside wear. If you don't know what those were, look it up! I wore Parachute and Zubaz pants out before wearing PJs in publish was cool. My current tribute to those days are my novelty tees! They are my reminder of good times past. Sometimes, I still slip out into the dead of night in my Underroos. Watch out!

3. Thinking School Dances are the Shizzz

There's nothing wrong with a grown-up dance club but there's something magical about an organized special event in your school. You saw those kids every day but when you got to a school dance, they are dressed up and (kind of) act like grown-ups. I can vividly remember standing there awkwardly until one of my songs comes on, then I flailed about like a crazy person. I don't really have any good memories with the opposite sex at any school dance but I had a good time with my friends and I always remained hopeful.

2. Playing with Toys (Drops the Mic, Walks Off Stage)

I be the first to admit I played with toys well into my teens. Don't judge me! Nowadays, I collect them but one of my nieces or nephews better be on the other side of that pile of toys if you catch me playing with them.

1. Sleepovers - Where No One Actually Sleeps

The thing I miss the most about childhood is sleepovers - those great times when you'd have anywhere from one to half a dozen kids over to play, watch movies, eat crap and talk about the important stuff. Parents love them...

The sleepover was the great visit that didn't end at the end of the night with someone going home. You just fell asleep. In adult life, an evening consists of sitting around talking or laughing - having a great time - then someone catches a glimpse of the time and everyone remembers their obligations for the following day and scatter like rats. Damn it, adult sleepovers, who's in? Party at Big Steve's! Bring your Underoos!