As a brand new, first-time mom, I have learned loads in the past few weeks. Aside from general baby care from my momma instincts that kicked in, I have had to learn pretty much everything the hard way. So, I decided to share my newly found wisdom to other moms out there who are expecting or muddling through this crazy time with me.

When I registered, I was thinking cute instead of functional. I naively thought my child would appreciate her exquisitely decorated nursery by sleeping in it. Ha! So far, we've used it to change a few diapers and even took some pictures in it but newborns don't generally like waking up in the wide open space of a crib after being snuggled in a womb for nine months. Also, I found out how much easier it is to roll over and check the baby instead of getting up every time she coos - which is pretty much all night long.

So, whether you are the expecting mom who is registering or attending a baby shower soon and want to pick out something that a new mom never knew existed but will be thanking you for time and time again read on and be sure to leave your baby 'favorite things' below!

1. Halo Swaddling Newborn Sleep Sack - Not only should you use a sleep sack instead of blankets to keep your baby warm at night, but I found a built in swaddler keeps the little one asleep for longer by keeping her flailing arms at bay. Also, a good 'baby straight jacket' can be very calming during the witching hour.


2. Battery  Charger and Assortment of Rechargeable Batteries - Everything from the vibrating chair, to the barrage of toys take batteries - usually the big ole Double Ds. This gift can save mom time and a lot of money.


3. Fisher-Price Rock 'N Play - I love this bassinet because it fits right next to the bed, is comfy for baby, and folds right up when we travel. I also love being able to rock her back to sleep when she is on the verge of slumber.


4. Binky Clip - Every time we change baby's clothes, we clip her binky to the new outfit. So far, we haven't lost either of her binkies and when she's fussy, there's no frantic search for the passifier. You can buy or make a binky lanyard.


5. HPA Lanolin and Nursing Bras (at least one size bigger than you are wearing now) - If you know you (or who you are buying for) is nursing just go ahead and get the industrial size of HPA medical grade lanolin. Your baby quickly turns into a rabid kitten when hungry and it takes a while to get used to the constant pinching and pulling of tender skin. Also, a good nursing bra makes feeding time a little less awkward.