If you watched the debut of The Blacklist on NBC Monday night, not only did you get an entertaining way to spend an hour (at least in my opinion), but you also got a cool, bluesy cover of Jay Z's "99 Problems" to close out the episode. Being the curious mind I am, I had to find out who performed this unique version of the hip-hop classic. After a few minutes on Google, I had my answer.

The artist in question is Hugo Chakrabongse, who was born in England, but raised in Thailand, and wisely goes simply by the name Hugo. He became famous in Thailand as an actor and model, before leaving that behind to pursue a career in music.

He moved to the United States a few years back and coincidentally signed with Jay Z's Roc Nation record label after a song he wrote was selected and recorded for Beyonce's I Am...Sasha Fierce album. His debut album, Old Tyme Religion, which includes the cover in question, was released in May of 2011.

A slight word of warning before you watch the video, it's unedited, so if you're offended by the "b-word", don't watch.