Looks like someone decided to make the most out of their green screen.

The magical 3:17 you are about to watch is the music video for the band Orphic Oxtra out of Reykjavík, Iceland. According to their Facebook bio, Orphic Oxtra, "is comprised of 13 charismatic and highly talented musicians that write and perform an enticing recipe of Balkan and klezmer-influenced orchestral dance music with a multitude of twists." Hear that? A "multitude of twists"!

As wild as the video is, their live shows must totally melt your mind as the bio goes on to say, "To stand still during an Orphic Oxtra performance is no easy feat. Breaking into feverish Balkan-inspired dancing is a clear and ever-present danger. People of all ages and backgrounds find themselves seduced into a frenzied state of dancing like they've never danced before." Can you say that Lady Gaga and Katy Perry?

This video, starring a young lady who could pass for Amanda Peet's unattractive, nearly uni-browed twin sister will make no sense to you. Unless you are currently high on meth, then it will make perfect sense.