Even if you're not a fan, there's something special about going to the ballpark and watching a game in person. It's not really one thing, but a combination of everything that makes it special regardless of whether your in St. Louis or Cincinnati or right here in Evansville taking in an Otters game at Bosse Field.

No matter what stadium you decide on, if you look around the first and third base line, I guarantee you'll see at least one, but more than likely multiple young kids with baseball mitts on their hands hoping that today is that day they snag a foul ball from their favorite team.

For one Cincinnati Reds fan, that day was Saturday during a game at Yankee Stadium.

Joey Votto, the Reds star player, shanked one into the stands right near a young Reds fan and his dad. Thanks to dad's quick thinking, this young boy has a memory that will last a lifetime.