Finally! A horror movie that doesn't play up to the typical stereotypes. Too bad it isn't real.

You know the old clichés, a group of hot young 20-somethings decide to take a weekend trip to a cabin deep in the woods so they can partake in an alcohol-fueled orgy of debauchery miles from civilization, only to realize the area is inhabited by a psychopath who decorates his home with curtains made from human flesh.

Inevitably, the group decides to separate thinking it provides a better means for escaping, only to have one or more them hacked to pieces after they trip on a tree root while running from said killer, or while trying to get the car to start.

But what if that didn't happen? What if the intended victims actually had some sense and decided to stick together, or not go into the abandoned cabin in the first place?

Those are the questions YouTube user, Pixels by Second, the group behind viral videos like "The Matrix Retold By Mom" and "Mario Bros. Indie Film Trailer" decided to answer with their fake horror film send-up, Hell No. It may not make for the scariest horror movie, but it does make for a pretty funny one.

**Warning! There are couple "foul words" in the trailer below, making it possibly NSFW depending on where you "W".**