You know those annoying Facebook pictures that people share about "If I get a million likes..." or "My name is [blank] and I'm trying to find my birth mother..."?  Well, this one went viral and actually WORKED!  And it all started here in Evansville!

Whitney Brock was put up for adoption when she was born in St. Mary's Hospital here in Evansville in February of 1991.  For the last 22 years, Whitney had never met her birth mother.  She was so curious to meet her birth mother that she tried to create a viral campaign.


You may have seen people attempt this in the past...  Whitney took a picture of herself holding a home-made sign with the little bit of information she knew about her birth.  Merely 12 hours later, Whitney was on the phone with her birth mother!


Here is a 14News clip highlighting some of the details about Whitney's journey to Indiana!

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