Comprehensive Hearing Exams
This is where you begin your journey to a life of better hearing. Their hearing test goes well beyond a simple screening to determine what your specific hearing needs may be. From there Dr. Esterline will be able to guide you in your choice of assistive devices and levels of technology.

Hearing Aid Maintenance
Just like your car, your hearing aids work best when they are cleaned on a routine schedule. Regular cleanings could head-off possible future repairs and keep debris from clogging the delicate electronics within the aid.

Hearing Aid Repair
Because they work with many hearing aid manufacturers, they are able to facilitate repairs for all makes and models of hearing aids. If your warranty has expired, through an all-make repair lab, they are able to get your aids repaired at a remarkably reduced price.

Bluetooth® Compatible Accessories
Because Hearing Healthcare Center works with multiple manufacturers, they are able to offer Bluetooth®  accessories for almost any hearing aid. These devices allow you more freedom and ease of use with cellular phones, iPods, and computers.

Video Otoscopy & Cerumen (Wax) Removal
Through the use of video otoscopy, they are able to show you the inner workings of your ear. For some clients, the cause of a hearing deficit may be attributed to excessive wax build-up. They can use the video otoscope to visualize on a large screen the outer ear, ear canal, and eardrum. If cerumen build-up is the problem, then you can watch (in full color) as the audiologist removes the blockage.