News 25 meteorologist Scott Dimmich reports that a excessive heat warning is in effect for the entire tri-state area today and a heat advisory is in effect tomorrow.

Obviously what this means is that it will just be stupid hot with the temperature hitting the high 90's and the heat index touching anywhere between 100-120 degrees.

Needless to say, but if you don't need to be outdoors for an extended periods of time, don't be. However, that's impossible for many people whose jobs require being outside. In the event that you absolutely MUST be outdoors today, keep these tips in mind:

  • Wear loose, light clothing if possible
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take short breaks in a shaded area or in an air conditioned building as frequently as possible to avoid heat exhaustion or even worse, heat stroke.
  • Apply sun block as frequently as possible

If you have elderly relatives or neighbors, be sure to check on them frequently to ensure they have everything they need to stay cool. Also, if you have pets that stay outdoors make sure they have more than enough cold water to drink. If you have old ice cream buckets or large mixing bowls, fill them with ice water as frequently as possible. Better yet, allow your outdoor animals to come in the house for the day. It will be much easier to clean up an accident on the floor than it will be to dispose of a dead animal in your backyard. If you're hot just wearing a t-shirt and shorts, imagine how they feel covered in fur.

In the event you need assistance staying cool, the Evansville Chapter of the American Red Cross has set up cooling stations across the tri-state to help residents "beat the heat". These locations are:

  • Vanderburgh County - 29 S. Stockwell Rd., Evansville
  • Warrick County - 404 E. Walnut Street, Boonville
  • Gibson County - 312 W. State St., Princeton
  • Posey County - 402 Mill St., Mount Vernon
  • Dubois County - 312 N. Main Street, Huntingburg
  • Henderson, Ky. - 300 Center St.
  • Owensboro, Ky. - 416 W. 3rd St., Owensboro