School is out for most of the Evansville area, which means getting kids to keep reading and grow their young minds when the lure of being outside, enjoying the summer weather can be difficult. The Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library (EVPL) looks to make that task easier by rewarding kids (and adults) with prizes for opening up some books.

To participate, simply stop by any EVPL location and pick up a reading record, and start reading. For the kids, parents will need to decide whether they want to count the number of books their child reads, or the amount of time they read in order to reach goals set by the EVPL. For each book read, or every 15 minutes of reading time a child completes, whichever you choose, color in one square on the reading record. After eight books, or two hours, take your child's reading record back to the library to collect their prize. The more books they read, the more prizes they get.

Prizes vary depending on your age range, for kids they'll receive a coupon of some sort and one entry into a bigger prize drawing. For teens, and adults, prizes range from $20 gift cards, to $500 gift cards, to even a Kindle Fire!

There is one stipulation, all books read must come from one of the library's locations around Evansville, or from their Book Bus.

Visit the EVPL's website for more info.