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It's a jungle out there! If you are single and on the prowl, it can be hard to find a date. Of course there is always online dating but check out these local spots where you can successfully meet and greet – no matter what your age!


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I always think of Friends when I think coffee shops and singles but it's really a great way to meet people. Check out local coffee shops' list of live entertainment as well!


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Hobby and Special Interest Groups


Whether you like to shoot guns, watch birds or create art, there is a special interest or hobby group for you! Don't know where to start? Google it! But a word to the wise, don't date others in your support or addiction recovery groups… It may be tempting but seldom does it work out.


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Want to learn a new skill or develop a passion? Take a class! While you are there, scope out those who have the same interests as you!


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Of course it's always good to give back to your community and get involved spiritually with like-minded others, but by making it a priority to attend functions you'll be able to meet other singles out there with the same passions. Bonus: there are a TON of great ways to get involved!


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If you are an avid reader, this is a great way for you to meet singles. You can read at home, alone or peer above the book every once in a while for a quick scan around the room! And you can tailor your reading experience… -Christian bookstores -Comic book stores -Sections of the library -Used bookstores


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Ah, the gym! Nothing is more boring than running on a treadmill. Put that mind to work to scan the room! You can also join an exercise class and get to know the people that you sweat to the Oldies with. Bonus: You get a workout in!


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Golfing isn't just for men and knitting isn't just for women! Okay, that might be taking it a little too far but there is value in trying things that are dominated by the opposite sex. But before you dig in and buy the $5,000 golf clubs, check out a nice Par 3 and borrow some clubs. Check out these other cross-gender activities! -Indoor Rock Climbing -Sports bars -Museums, Art Viewing -Spa Treatments


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Hometown Sporting Events


Whether you set your sights on the single players, cheerleaders or fans, local sporting events are a great way to meet people! Cheer on your favorite team, enjoy the atmosphere and have a little fun at the ball park, arena or rink!


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Your Kids' Extra Curriculars and Other Fun Kids Activities


If (and only if) you have kids, start scoping the other single parents at their extra curriculars and events. For starters, check out our Kids Day Funfest sponsored by Townsquare Media and Alles Brothers – Pampered Mom Zone and Rad Dad Zone included!