Despite the fact he hasn't hopped on a bike in quite some time, Sergeant Brian Talsma will join a group of other riders in April of 2014 to make the over 1,000 mile ride to the House of Hope national headquarters in Orlando, Florida in an effort to raise funds to build a House of Hope residence here in the Tri-State.

House of Hope is non-profit organization designed to help troubled teens and their families understand and correct their negative behavior through counseling and ministry. In most cases, teenagers will reside inside a House of Hope location for anywhere between 12 and 18 months in order for them to receive the help they need. Currently, the Southwestern Indiana House of Hope is not equipped to house teenagers for that amount of time, instead relying on daily visits of an hour or two to try and help achieve more socially acceptable behavior.

Visit the Southwestern Indiana House of Hope website for more information on their mission to help troubled teens, and check out the video below to hear Sergeant Talsma himself explain the trip he's about to take.