Proof that protecting and serving is more than just stopping the bad guys.

While traveling down I-164 a few days ago (with his dash camera rolling thankfully) Sergeant Jason Cullum, who also serves as the Department's Public Relations Officer, Noticed an animal laying in the middle of the road, but not just any animal, a stuffed teddy bear that had somehow found its way out of the window of a car travelling the bypass a few hundred feet ahead.

As the father of a 7-year-old girl with what could be described as a crippling addiction to stuffed animals (we have four Rubbermaid containers in our basement full of them, true story), I've seen first hand the panic that sets in when a treasured stuffed friend goes missing, so I can only imagine the explosion of emotion that took place in that vehicle when physics took over and sucked that bear right out the window (or however it happened).

So kudos to you Sergeant Cullum for proving once again the police aren't the bad guys. There here to keep the peace, even if that means reuniting a child with their cherished friend.