A group of Evansville women are pursuing legal action against a local plastic surgeon that is reportedly being referred to as the “Southern Indiana Breast Butcher.”

According to reports, nearly ten women have come forward to file independent lawsuits against Dr. Alina Sholar alleging that while she was employed at Medical Cosmetic Center in Evansville, she devastatingly botched their breast enhancement surgeries, which resulted in both irreparable damage and long-term infection.

Some of the complaints allege that Dr. Sholar conducted cut-rate practices that included the use of second-hand implant sizers, intended for a “use once and destroy” application, and the falsification of medical records.

“There’s a lot more to the situation than I can comment about,” said Sholar’s attorney, Michele Bryant of Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn, LLP in Evansville. “It is more complicated than I can comment about. I’m sure people are curious about why there are multiple cases.”

In Indiana, cases like these, which teeter on malpractice and the risk of community blacklisting, are initially reviewed by a panel of three medical professionals to determine if there was any negligence. From there, the panel’s ruling can be admitted into evidence and used in a court of law. And while the first case has already been ruled that Dr. Sholar did participate in substandard medical practices, most of the cases have yet to be reviewed. It is expected that those cases will be looked at sometime this year.

Incidentally, Dr. Sholar has since been fired from Medical Cosmetics Center for what is being called “a difference in philosophy.” She is currently practicing at The Sholar Center in Evansville.