The Evansville Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is having their Spring Concert tomorrow April 15th at the Victory Theatre and if you're a supporter of the fine arts, this is a MUST SEE event.

I played percussion or drums all throughout my middle school and high school career, and actual won quite a few awards. I have always been a fan of music in all its forms including orchestra. I used to love going to band competitions when I was in school. Getting to meet new kids from different backgrounds.

I remember playing the theme to 'DYNASTY' in competition with my high school orchestra band. I used to practice by playing along with the theme song when the show came on.

I think more students  should be encouraged to learn at least one musical instrument in their lifetime. Whether it's the piano, violin, or the triangle! Just the feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself working 'in concert' with others give a certain feeling of accomplishment that is hard to describe.

Tickets are still available at the Victory Theatre Box Office.