Deep on Evansville's west side sits a home nestled in the trees. A home whose owners have taken the traditional Christmas light display and cranked it up to 11.

I didn't know this house existed until Sunday when my mom told me about it. After picking up the kids from her house that evening, we thought we'd check it out. The best and easiest way I can tell you to get there is to take the Lloyd Expressway west past USI, take a left at the St. Phillips Road intersection, then another immediate left on to Broadway Ave. This will take you past the Busler's gas station at the corner, then past the BBQ joint on the left. The house sits off the left side of the road about a quarter to a half mile up.

We actually missed the driveway on our first pass. We could see the lights back in the woods, but weren't quite sure which driveway got us there. As it turns out, their driveway is adjacent to their neighbor's and forks off a bit once you get off the road. Keep your eye out for a gravel driveway next to a white house that sits up closer to the road.

Once you pull into the right driveway, you'll see a yard sign in front of the house that instructs you to tune your radio to 93.1. A frequency not taken by any stations in town. The lights are set to the music that plays through your radio. I'm not exactly sure how they pull this off, but my guess would be they use some type of very low power transmitter like one you would buy at a department store to play an iPod through your car stereo.

However they pull it off, they pull it off well as you can see in the video below. A few notes about the video before you watch it; we pulled in just as one song finished and the next one began so I was able to film one whole song. According to my mom, the display is set to a four song loop that plays over and over again. I stayed inside the car to film the display because I wanted to be able to also capture the audio from the radio. The voices you hear every so often are mine, my wife's, and my kids. As for the darkness, I shot this with my phone, so it's the best I could get, but it still gives you a pretty good idea of how cool this is.

According to the sign that gives you the radio frequency, the display takes place nightly from 6-9pm (presumably to keep the neighbor's happy), and they do ask for a non-perishable food item donation in exchange for enjoying the show. While I personally didn't see where to leave the donation, my mom said they have a container of some kind on the property to place it.