The Evansville chapter of the Education First (EF) Foundation for Foreign Studies needs your help. They have foreign exchanges students anxiously awaiting the opportunity to study abroad, but they need a place to crash for a few months. Got any room?

Foreign exchange students offer a great opportunity for both themselves and their host families to broaden their horizons, learn more about different cultures, eliminate perceived stereotypes, and maybe even learn a little more...about themselves (kind of went into after school special territory there didn't I).

In all seriousness, hosting an exchange student for a few months could produce lasting memories and a friendship that lasts a lifetime. If you make the decision to become a host family, the EF Foundation will provide a local coordinator that helps you select the right student and works with your school as well as support throughout the duration of the exchange.

The EF Foundation also carefully screens all interested students for language, attitude, and grades. These students will also bring their own spending money and insurance coverage. All you're asked to provide is a bed, closet space, three meals a day, and reasonable transportation to and from school and school events.

For more information on hosting an exchange student, contact Sandy at (812) 437-3594 or by e-mail at