Finally!! Once again the internet has restored my faith in humanity! One of my favorite meme's, Ermahgerd Girl (If you don't know her, get acquainted, you'll be cracking up!) Well finally someone has made a song, and the entire song is in a new language that's taking the world by storm....ermahgerd!

If you were ever wondering how to speak ermahgerd, I'm here to help you.  For instance if you are trying to say "Hey girl could I get your number?"  The ermahgerd way would be "Herr Gurrl courd I gert your nerrmber?"  Another example would be "Do you like the book 'Fifty Shades of Gray'?" in ermahgerd it would be "Der Yer lerk ther berk ferfty sherds erv gray?"  Essentially you just add "er's" to random places in random words. The chorus of this song is the best it's "Gurl yer gerving meh gersebumps!"  Otherwise known as "Girl you're giving me goosebumps"

Cherck ert the Ermahgerd serng berlow.