One of the few memorable performers on American Idol's season premiere Wednesday was Amy Brumfield.  She was the homeless girl who was living in a strange tent with her boyfriend (a tent featuring oddly placed cabinets and cupboards).  On first glance, it was obvious to me that Amy owned little more than a foul odor.  If you watched the show, you would NEVER have guessed this classy young lady would have a problem with alcohol and a criminal record.

Five years ago Amy kicked off her alcohol-infused criminal record when she reportedly got caught drinking underage.  Since then, she's assumed to have been arrested SIX times, including criminal trespassing.  Police reports also allege that Brumfield had PEED ON HERSELF IN A BASKIN ROBBIN'S ICE CREAM PARLOR about one week after she was arrested for "extreme intoxication."

Look for Amy to pee all over herself at Baskin Robbins' in Hollywood, California very soon as she scored the "golden ticket" from Randy, Jennifer, and Steven...  That's right, golden ticket.