Little known fact - alcohol can transform you into an Olympic your mind.

How many times have you been to a party where one guy or girl, who clearly can't even stand up straight, believes they possess abilities they don't even have when they're sober? You may not remember it (maybe you were that person), but I promise you it's happened at least once in your life. And when that time comes, regardless of who that person is, there's another person, usually a close friend, who becomes the instigator. The person who's right there to call the drunk's bluff.

While the drunk is obviously easier to spot, the instigator could be anyone. When attempting to spot the instigator, one must keep their ears open for such phrases as:

"No you can't!"

"I call B.S."

"Oh, you think you can, huh?"

"Show me." (can be substituted with "Prove it" or "I'd like to see you try")

In this video, there's only two people so determining who's who happens somewhere within the first thousandth of a second. From what I can gather, the video seems to pick up after the drunk has made the claim that he can hurdle the ladder golf set (or as I've heard it called, "hillbilly golf"). Like any good instigator in the internet age, he has his phone ready to capture what he knows is going to happen so he can be sure to share it with the rest of the world. Thanks instigator!