Could I pass for a Jersey Shore cast member or am I over-thinking things?

This morning when I was getting ready to come in and cover for The Rob, I grabbed this fleece sweatshirt out of my closet. I've had for couple of years and I do like it. It's comfortable and keeps me warm, but the one issue I have is the collar. It small by collar standards and sticks straight up, which I think is by design. Every time I try to lay it down, it pops right back up.

As someone who spent his teenage years in the '90's, I always associate the popped collar with Zack from Saved By the Bell. You know, the preppy guy. I've never been much of a "prep", preferring to go with comfort over style. I'm a "t-shirt and jeans" guy. So I'm torn on this sweatshirt because it comfortable, but I'm concerned it makes me look a little, let's say, "D-bag-ish" for lack of a better term. What say you?