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If you have been watching this season of 'The Voice' then you know that the results on Wednesdays live show shocked everyone. Especially judge, Adam Lavine who lost two of his top contestants during eliminations. Once the votes revealed that two of Adam's last three artists were definitely going to be eliminated, Adam uttered the words 'I hate this country' which as you can imagine, didn't sit well with the viewers. People immediately began lashing out at Lavine in regards to his comment. Here is what The Rob's Radio show thinks of the situation:


People are ROASTING Adam Levine for this comment. Here's my take... This is obviously not the way Adam feels. It was merely his foot-in-mouth way of expressing his frustration of the way "America" voted two of his better singers off of the show. If I actually thought he hated America, I'd join in on the roasting, but I don't. Dude's dating ANOTHER Victoria's Secret Angel (allegedly)... He can't hate America THAT much!


While I can completely understand Adam's frustration with the direction that the results show was about to take, I think muttering the words "I hate this country," was just a dumb move. He may have been joking. He may have been frustrated. BUT the fact of the matter is, Americans - the viewers and voters of the show - LOVE this country, and many of them have family and friends who serve to protect it. In short - it was a bonehead move, Adam.


Do I think that it is okay that he made such a disrespectful comment? No. He is a public figure on live television and he should know better. But I do believe that he is only human and just simply had a slip up. I don't think he meant any harm by what he said. That just so happen to be his raw reaction. The situation hasn't changed my opinion on him in any way - he is still as dreamy as ever. But I do think it would be wise of him to issue a more sincere apology.