Every week, I poke around Craigslist. I kind of think of it as my own personal online flea market - all kinds of weird things to buy. This one in the "creative" section really caught my attention.

Do You Need a Music Video?

Freelance cinematographer new to the Tri-State looking for clients do do a promo ONE TIME offer music video (locations/storyline included) with a VERY low charge too low to post. I need to create a name here and this one time opportunity is on a time limit.


So, it got me to thinking... yes, YES I do need a music video! What would I put in my music video? Would I be scantily dressed and twerk? Um, no. Would I look forlongingly into the distance. Probably not. Would I walk along an abandoned dirt road singing to myself in high heels? Maybe.

Actually, I did produce a music video for our St. Jude Children's Research Hospital radiothon. It was a lot of fun but a LOT of work so I hope this guy knows what he's getting into!

Anyway, it's pretty interesting what's available right here in the tri-state. Check out the creative section of your local Craigslist for more funnies.