Guys, we may have a serious conspiracy on our hands here...

Gavin Eddings

Gavin: Host of the KISS FM afternoon show, stand-up comedian, and fantastic blogger is loved by dozens of people. However, there is a conspiracy about everyone's favorite person. Just like the conspiracy floating around about Avril Lavigne being replaced by a clone, there are some that believe that Gavin has also passed on and been replaced.

The theory states that during a trip to Disney World, Gavin, while posing for a photo on a replica Speeder Bike from Star Wars, managed to somehow start the non-operational vehicle and crashed into a tree, thus leaving him to join The Force. We have a photo of just right before this fateful crash:

Gavin Eddings

Ever since that photo was taken, there have been some anomalies in the past Gavin and this current Gavin. Once you see the photos, there will be no doubt that we are no longer dealing with Gavin Classic, but a super handsome and charming clone.

Evidence 1: Radio Career

Gavin started his radio career at the University of Southern Indiana in the Fall of 2008 for their station 820 The Edge. Here is a photo of what Classic Gavin looked like behind the mic in 2008:

Gavin Eddings

Now, fast forward to 2015 and this is what we are dealing with:

Gavin Eddings

So much is different: the glasses, the hair, and yeah, even the microphone is different. You mean to tell me that photo #1 someone magically turned into the dreamboat behind the mic in picture #2? Yeah, nice try, clone.

Evidence 2: Stand-Up "Career"

2008 was a big year for Classic Gavin. He started in radio and started doing stand-up comedy. You can even some of those early performances on YouTube, but the photos really speak volumes.

Gavin Eddings

This was taken a few years into Gavin doing stand-up. The hair was shaggier, his glasses smaller, and he was still using something to make his lips look super plump. Also, notice how his thumb is outside of his pocket when telling jokes. This was Gavin as his most Classic Gavin. But here's a pic from a comedy show mere weeks ago:

Gavin Eddings

The most drastic change is definitely the hair and lips. I don't know if Clone Gavin lost his Kylie Jenner lip kit or whatever, but he's not even trying to hide the fact that he is scientifically engineered deception. This current Gavin also has both hands out of his pockets and seems to be showing confidence in his delivery of jokes, something Classic Gavin never did.

Evidence 3: Social Media

The easiest way to notice that Gavin is now a clone, is by his social media presence. Classic Gavin looked completely different. For instance, here is on of his first Facebook photos:

Gavin Eddings

The white collared shirt, the half-turned head, the lips, and that Chucky from Rugrats hair, these were all easily identifiable things about Classic Gavin. When you saw him, you knew exactly what you were getting: a socially awkward 20 year old who thought quoting Quentin Tarantino movies was the coolest thing you could do. That was someone you could trust.

Gavin Eddings

Now this guy, you don't know what you are getting. He's the definition of a wild card. Is he gonna steal your girl or help your mom with groceries? Does he still like Tarantino films or is he more into anime now? You have no idea, the only thing you know, is that you don't trust him or his super cool black jacket.

The evidence is there that Gavin isn't the same person he was before that fateful Speeder Bike crash. We just don't know why the Government is covering it up. We deserve answers as to why this happened!

And if this does turn out to be true, it wouldn't be surprising. Townsquare Media has a history of cloning, which is why we've worked with a failed Jeremy Renner clone for years:

Ryan O Bryan