Earlier today, The Rob and I were talking about last night's Grammy Awards telecast and he asked if I saw Bruno Mars throw a small temper tantrum when he lost to Adele in the Best Pop Solo Performance category. I told him I must have missed that part, so I went to the Grammy website to see for myself. It turns out that The Rob maybe right.

Check out the 55 second mark of the video and keep an eye on Bruno near the lower left hand corner. By all intents and purposes, it does appear that he let's his emotions get the best of him for a moment when he hears Adele announced as the winner instead of him.

It could also be that Bruno was happy for Adele and maybe his flailing arms were more of a happy dance. Although if he were upset, I can't blame him. He had a great year in 2011 and I'm sure would have liked to cap it off with a trophy or two to take home.