After last weekend's opening rounds of the the 2013 tournament, I may have to consider changing the headline to read, "Destined for Not-As-Bad-As-I-Thought Failure".

With the third and fourth rounds of this year's tournament getting ready to tip-off a few hours from when I'm writing this, I'm rolling into this second weekend in a three-way tie for second with one bracket and a four-way tie for third in the office pool. Here's how I stand, second place bracket first.

Wisconsin losing their opening round game against Ole Miss stung pretty badly as I had them losing to conference rival Ohio State in the Elite 8. That's one of those loses that may come back to bite me later. New Mexico's loss to Harvard (still can't figure that one out) also burned a bit, as did Georgetown crumbling to this year's "Cinderella", Florida Gulf Coast. What I think saved me is that I'm pretty sure everyone else picked those opening round games the same way I did, so it all comes out in the wash so to speak. Let's look at bracket number two.

Just like bracket number one, I still have all my Final Four teams in tact, which is a bonus, however after watching IU narrowly get by Temple in the second round last week and seeing that Syracuse has been fairly dominant in their first two games makes me a bit nervous. If IU loses, then this bracket can go straight to the trash. Or perhaps my son can make it a paper airplane, frankly I don't care because at that point it will be dead to me.

Coming up next week, another update. Will I have lucked into staying in contention? Or will I have descended into a fiery crash of tears and depression? Tune in to find out!