This guy is crazy good.

It's not the first time Denver, Colorado chalk artist, Chris Carlson has used pop culture to inspire his art. Back in June, Carlson drew a 3-D Super Mario using nothing but colored chalk.

This time, his inspiration comes in the form of Comedy's Central's sci-fi-comedy (sci-fomedy?) cartoon, Futurama. More specifically, the character, Dr. John Zoidberg, a humanoid-crab-like-creature who serves as the resident physician for the staff at Planet Express.

The show is created by Matt Groening, the man behind The Simpsons. It debuted on Fox back in 1999 and was cancelled in 2002. Much like Family Guy, it developed a large cult following (myself included) after it was picked up for syndication by Cartoon Network for its Adult Swim block of programming. The renewed popularity in the show, which centers around the character, Phillip J. Fry, a pizza delivery guy who is cryogenically frozen by accident only to be thawed out in the year 3000, resulted in a few straight-to-video movies before a deal with Comedy Central resulted in the debut of new episodes two years ago.

Dr. Zoidberg is one of my favorite characters from the show. He's a bumbling idiot with good intentions, who'll eat anything in sight if given the opportunity. But what generally gets a chuckle out of me is when he scurries out a room like an actual crab. Something about him reverting to his natural crab-like state when he spends of a majority of the time acting more like a human, gets me every time.

Apparently Carlson is fan too. The entire portrait took 12 hours to complete, but with the help of time-lapse photography, you can watch it come to life in about three minutes.