After releasing a couple teasers for her video for her latest hit 'Give Your Heart A Break' The video  was leaked a little early! Uh-oh! (Good thing I was able to get it for you to see!)

Now I have to say Demi is one that I'm new to, I'm still trying to get my feel for her.  Her song 'Skyscraper' was incredibly emotional, but this new one 'Give Your Heart A Break' is more upbeat, and it's a side of Demi, that I'd like to see more of.

In the video, she's of course got one of the hottest guys ever playing her boyfriend, and she goes through and finds a bunch of photographs of them and out of those photos creates a giant mural of him and her. Incredibly sweet, or totally awkward?  I'll let you decide! (Oh and PS I totally wish I had her hair, just a side note in case you were curious.)

Enjoy the video!