When I first became pregnant everyone asked, "Do you want a boy or a girl?" You know the standard reply, "I don't care as long as it's healthy!" Deep down, I thought I wanted a boy. I was blessed with a baby girl on August 15, 2012.

Now, in my defense, I have raised my step-daughter who is now 16 and it has been a challenge. I know when I hit those preteen and teenage years (and even now even though I'm 30) I can be a challenge. Boys seemed simpler - no racing hormones right?


Duh, what was I thinking?! HORMONES?

Entering those preteen years can be tough on the parents of boys and girls. It's hard to know what are the right things to say and do as a parent these days. When should you talk about sex? When should you let things slide or lower the boom? Should you let your son make his own decisions or should you step in when it comes to decisions about friends, school and daaating? The days of Mayberry, Aunt Bee and Andy Griffith are long gone!

Deaconess Men's Series is hosting a seminar on How to Raise a Good Man on March 12th at 6 PM with dinner by Subway and registration starting at 5 PM. Learn about what issues your pre-teen boy will face as they grow. To register call 450-7000.

As far as my little bambina goes, I couldn't be happier that I had a girl! I love bows, ruffles and the color pink - and hopefully Deaconess will have a preteen girls' lecture when the hormones start racing! It's an amazing ride being a parent with ups and downs and lots of criss-crossing too! Hopefully, this seminar will help parents of boys to strap in a little tighter on the roller coaster of preteenhood.

Arrive early to enjoy Subway for dinner!