Today is Cyber Monday, one of the BUSIEST online shopping days of the year. Last Friday was BLACK FRIDAY, the busiest In-STORE shopping day of the year. Me being a "techie", I prefer to do my shopping, or at least reservations online to avoid the virtual UFC fight that goes down at a Black Friday sale! On the flip side, some of you like that dog eat dog, knock-down-drag-out smash-n-grab that happens EVERY YEAR at your local Target, Wal-mart, and even TOYS-R-US of all places! I know by now you've heard the story of the lady that pepper-sprayed people to get her hands on the last Xbox 360 in the store. And I've seen countless videos like the one here showing people getting beat up, shot, and arrested at these BLACK FRIDAY sales. The worst thing that can happen to me on Cyber Monday is carpal-tunnel syndrome from "googgling" too much.

How do you prefer to do your holiday shopping, online, or fighting your way through the isles and check-outs?