The biggest shopping day of the year is undoubtedly Black Friday - but Cyber Monday is growing by leaps and bounds. So, what if you have to work on Cyber Monday or you can't spend your entire day surfing? Here are some ways you can get great deals both before and after the madness.


1. eBates

I LOVE this site because it not only gives you a comprehensive list of online discounts and coupons but if you click on your online store of choice through this website (after you sign in of course) they will track your order and actually cut you a check for a percentage of your purchase. For example, I bought my daughter's crib from Walmart but I went through the eBates site to get to the Walmart site. They cut me a check for 5% of the crib's purchase price of $200 so I received a check for $10. This really adds up after a while! Plus, you get additional $$ to spend if you refer a friend.


2. Seize the Deal & Value Connection


I love Seize the Deal and Value Connection because you can get great deals from local businesses! You can purchase from the comfort of your home, save an average of 50% of the original price and support local stores.

Plus, there's a great selection of products and services like salons, golf, fitness, food, coffee, dry cleaning... everything!


3. Amazon Black Friday Deals Week

These great deals from Amazon go all week long so you don't have to be a slave to your computer on Monday. Plus, you can see them ahead of time so you can log in, buy what's on your list and be done!




4. Target Red (Debit) Card

With a new baby in the house, my Target Red Card has saved me so much time and money! Everything in store and online is 5% off when I purchase with my Red Card and EVERYTHING ships for FREE! I purchased a 55" television - yep, FREE shipping! Plus, I connected this card to my regular checking account so there are no fees or bills to remember to pay.


5. Cyber Monday Deals on Twitter

I'm not a huge Twitter fan, but this is really cool. Cyber Monday - which is an account - goes through and posts up all the Cyber Monday deals they find with a link. Couldn't be easier to scroll through, make up a list and order on Monday!