One of the most unique 5K runs ever devised is coming to Evansville's west side.

The Franklin Street Events Association, a group comprised of businesses located on one of the city's most noted byways, and dedicated to revitalizing the area, will play host to the city's first ever Color Run.

While the term "5K" denotes a race, Color Runs, which take place all over the country throughout the year (Owensboro recently hosted one a couple of weeks ago), places more emphasis dousing participants in a rainbow of colors generally using colored chalk powder as they make their way through the course than it does on who gets through it the fastest.

The Franklin Street Color Run Fun 5K beginning at 8am on Saturday, April 20th, and is open to runners and walkers of all ages and experience levels with proceeds from the event benefiting both the Evansville Running Club who are helping organize the event, and the non-profit Franklin Street Events Association who will use the money to set up future events.

Registration is $35 before April 10th, and $40 between April 10th and the day of race. Runners ages 12 and under are $15. The registration fee provides each runner with a t-shirt and packet of paint, and can be done online through the Franklin Street Events Association website.

Still confused on what exactly this thing is? This video should clear up any questions you have.