So does marijuana really effect your driving?


CNN recently did a report that I find very interesting.  I know there is a pretty big debate going on in the U.S. about the legalization of marijuana, personally I don't really think I'm educated enough on the subject to make an opinion either way, so to be completely honest I guess I just don't really care if it becomes legal or not.  Now that being said, I did think this report that CNN did was very interesting.  I know driving after drinking is illegal because alcohol is proven to have serious effects on your motor skills.  However I never really thought about marijuana.

CNN took three people and had them smoke marijuana and partake in a driving course.  First up was 27 year old Addy, she is a daily user of marijuana, and was already high when she got to the course.  Next up was 34 year old Dylan, he smokes on the weekends, and was not high when he showed up.  Third up was 56 year old Jeff who is an occasional marijuana user, but also had no marijuana in his system when he showed up. They put the three of them to the test, then had them smoke more marijuana, take the test again, then smoke even MORE marijuana and drive the course a 3rd time.

I thought what they found was really interesting. Check out the video below!