As a Colts fan, I've had the joy of following a team that, until last season, strung together one of the most successful stretches in the history of the NFL while fans of other teams, like the Cleveland Browns, languished in season after season of disappointment after hearing time and time again from ownership and management that they were just a few key components away from putting together a Super Bowl caliber team. After receiving his annual reminder that it was time to renew his season tickets, Browns fan, Mike Polk, Jr., decided he was tired of the excuses and put pen to paper to let the team know he had finally had enough.


For a team that is routinely sub-par, it should be noted that Browns fans are some of the most passionate in the world of sports. Nicknamed the "Dawg Pound", they arrive at home games wearing rubber dog masks and bright orange hard hats (I guess to signify the "working class" society of Cleveland). Last year marked the 30th anniversary of the Browns Backers Worldwide fan club. it consists of around 80,000 members in 300-plus clubs on seven different continents - including Antarctica. The only other group of fans I can think of that is equally as passionate about a team who generally makes them miserable year after year are fans of the Chicago Cubs. A team who hasn't won a World Series since 1908 (that is NOT a typo) and continually seems to fall apart halfway through a season.

Back to Mr. Polk. From what I know about purchasing season tickets (my wife's cousin and her husband are Colts season ticket holders), they're obviously not cheap, and if I'm not mistaken, season ticket holders are also required to purchase tickets to all preseason home games as well or risk losing their season tickets. Preseason games are basically the equivalent of watching the neighborhood kids play a game at the park. You don't really know any of them, nor do you care to, and there's a good chance you'll never see most of them play again.

These facts coupled with the false hopes provided by the team where finally enough for Mike to basically say, "I love my team, but enough is enough."