Apparently, music fans in the U.K. still haven't gotten over the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna thing, and they are taking it straight to the record stores! Some upset fans have started slapping sticker labels (which are darn near impossible to remove from plastic) over the front of all the Chris Browns new albums. I wonder if Chris even knows about this!

Sometime I think people go too far trying to make points because they have no life of they're own! Someone actually took the time to make, order, print out, and stick them on, all in a attempt to curtail Chris Brown record sales. REALLY!? I bet Rihanna's not even THINKING about that incident anymore!

Sad part about it is, Chris Brown has made so many good songs about relationships, but obviously he's not allowed to have any bad ones! If you don't like Chris Brown, don't buy his music, don't stop anybody else from enjoying them! Who ever did it should be made to buy every CD they messed up and they can go burn them, stomp on them, or whatever they want to do!