Chris Brown is STILL taking flak for his bad relationship with Rihanna and he's thrown a Twitter TEMPER tantrum then subsequently cancelled his account! THAT'LL show 'em, huh Chris? After a follower asked him for the ump-teenth time about that fateful night he got into with Rihanna, Chris Brown flipped out on his keyboard and Tweeted :

“I don’t say s**t to anybody and everyone feels its cool to attack me. GROWN ADULTS!!!! that s**t happened three years ago!"

He continuted to tweet, "I know alot of you wack @ss(OLD) celebrities probably wanna f**k my ex but talking s**t on me wont get u far,” continued.

He then wrote: “And to be REALLY HONEST… yall wonder why n**ga spazzes all the time? Lol.”

Another tweet read: “MY MUSIC DOESNT PROMOTE VIOLENCE nor will it ever! only thing it will increase is the pregnacy rate! (sic).

I think Chris B. should continue to make good music and continue to live his live the best way he can but if he  expects the media to EVER let him forget about the Rihanna fiasco, he's soooooo mistaken! See you next girlfriend!