Ahhhhh, Labor Day weekend. Not too many people know why it's a holiday, but no one complains about having a 3-day weekend.

A quick history lesson on Labor Day, if I may. According to the cable channel TLC's website, Labor Day was set aside to honor the working men and women of America. It has been celebrated as a national holiday in the U.S. and Canada since 1894 with President Grover Cleveland signing a law that designated the the holiday be celebrated on the first Monday of September. Feel free to share that tidbit of knowledge with your friends around the barbecue this weekend. They'll think you're the bee's knee's and/or the cat's pajamas!

Labor Day is also viewed as the unofficial end of summer. I say "unofficial" because technically the first day of Fall doesn't happen until Friday, September 23rd. I mean if we want to get picky, the first day of summer was June 21st, but everyone considers Memorial Day the first day of summer. Anywho, whatever you want to call it, we are officially wrapping up the unofficial end of summer with our 2nd A to Z Weekend.

Here's how it works; beginning this Friday at 5pm during The Rob's Radio Show, we'll start playing every song in our catalog in alphabetical order until we're done. It's as simple as that. Why alphabetical order? It's easier than sorting them by weight (HEY-OH!). Seriously though, we're doing it because it's fun for us and we're pretty confident it will be fun for you to hear songs you haven't heard in a long time along with some you hear everyday on 106-1 KISS-FM.

We hope you'll tune in frequently throughout the weekend while enjoying time with family and friends. Enjoy!