Is that even possible?

As you have probably heard on the morning show, I absolute hate my middle name. Well, I actually hate my first, middle and last name, but we will just focus on my middle name for the moment. Incase you didn't know, my middle name is Mildred. (Its okay to laugh.) So, in attempt to make me feel better, this morning in news, Kat Mykals told me a list of celebrities that that have middle names that give mine a run for its money. I have to agree, some of these are bad, but I will always think mine is worse. But fingers crossed, maybe with this whole hipster craze, my middle name will make a comeback.


The Huffington Post recently released a list of bad celebrity middle names. What do you think? Are these celebrity middle names really that bad, or is mine still worse?

Charlie Sheen: Irwin

Daniel Craig: Wroughton

Dianna Ross: Ernestine

Hugh Grant: Mungo

Quincy Jones: Delight

Tina Fey: Stamatina

Zach Galifianakis: Knight

Jennifer Lawrence - Shrader

Liv Tyler - Rundgren

Elton John - Hercules

Mila Kunis - Markovna

Alicia Keys - Augello

Uma Thurman - Karuna

Ciara - Princess

Blake Shelton - Tollison

Adele (Adkins) -  Blue

Source: Huffington Post