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What OLYMPIC Events Do YOU Watch?
The 2012 Summer Olympics are up and running (pun intended) and countries all over the world are going the golds!...Which events will YOU be watching! Submit your answer in the POLL below and I'll read the results for the MOST POPULAR Olympic Events during tomorrow's show!
Top 10 Most Romantic Cities
If you're looking for a great, romantic destination to re-kindle the fire in your relationship, or just want to keep the blaze going, here is a gallery of the 10 most Romantic Cities on Earth according to a survey conducted by K-Y....yes, THAT K-Y.
Watch Fat Tuesday In New Orleans LIVE!
I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. I have this overly romantic mental image of what NOLA is like, mainly because I've read a ton of Anne Rice novels! And Mardi Gras!? Ahhh Mardi Gras! The debauchery! While, I have outgrown the "crazy party" days, I have always wanted t…
Obama’s State Of The Union Transcribed
Did you missed last nights Presidential State of the Union Address? If you're like me, you honestly forgot it was on... Or maybe you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the speech. Either way, I have found a transcription of President Obama's State of the Union Address...

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