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Kiddie Leashes – Good Idea?
Kiddie Leashes have suddenly begun to make a comeback and at first glance they might seem practical and sometimes event funny, but are Kiddie Leashes doing more harm than good in training a child?
10 Annoying Things New Couples Always Do
They're annoying, they're over the moon, and they're totally in love. Who? New couples! New couples are always doing annoying stuff and driving all of their friends crazy! Here are 10 annoying things that new couples always do:
How ‘Roseanne’ Got It Right In The Era Of Trump
In an era of political divisiveness and familial tension all across the United States, the Roseanne revival hits the mark on what it's like to live in the midwest in 2018. People have been very vocal about the show's reboot, both for and against the show. Ultimately, the show is right on…

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