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Evansville’s Most Influential People
Time Magazine recently released their list of the 100 most influential people in the world. That got us thinking...who are Evansville's most influential people?
5 Shows That Should Be Rebooted ASAP
Generally, reboots aren't a great idea, especially when the first show was so iconic that the reboot would have a high standard to compete with - however, there are some shows that would be just perfect for a reboot. So, here are five tv shows that should be rebooted ASAP:
Don’t Forget About the Cats!
Every week we get to meet an awesome pet from the Warrick Humane Society, and typically that animal is a dog. While we love meeting all the puppers, it's important to remember that the Warrick Humane Society has plenty of furry felines that are also looking for a FURever home.

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