Weird News

Nature’s Escape Artist – The Honey Badger
If you thought your dog or cat was super smart, you haven't seen ANYTHING til you see how this Honey Badger couple manages to outsmart their owner at every turn. No matter how hard the owner tried, he could NOT keep these badger Houdini's lock up...
Map of Most Googled Jobs Lists Strange Result for Kentucky
A new online career website has released a list of the most searched job in every state in the U.S. While Indiana and Illinois have results that make sense, our neighbors south of the Ohio River had a rather peculiar result, that I'm not even sure qualifies as a "job".
Preschool + Nursing Home = GREAT IDEA
Someone had the idea of opening a preschool inside of a nursing home and at first I didn't think it would be a good idea. But after seeing this video, and seeing the smiles on the both the kids' and the Seniors' faces, I wondered why no one had thought of this before!

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