The Rob’s Weekend in Memphis With St. Jude
Today, we at The Rob's Radio Show With Kat Mykals and 106.1 KISS-FM kick off the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Radiothon!  We spend two days talking about how wonderful and important St. Jude is.  It always takes me back to the time that St. Jude invited me and some of my…
Worst Intersections in Evansville
Are there any intersections here in Evansville that seem especially dangerous to you?  I have a few that I've noticed, as well as some that don't really seem all that dangerous to me at all but always seem to have accidents.
Former Evansville News Anchor Makes Global Mission Trip [PHOTOS]
couple of years ago, I met really cool chick at the BBQ Festival in Owensboro. She worked in the media business too on a local TV station, so after a long evening of covering the Fest, a few of us went out for pizza and beer. Of course, in this digital age, we found each other on Facebook and became…

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