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Here is The Rob’s Senior Photo – Dressed as Howard Stern
This morning on the show, I was telling Kat a story about how I dressed up as Howard Stern as a senior in high school for picture day.
For some reason I can't remember, I'm sure it had to do with shooting a video segment for my broadcasting class, I had my Howard Stern wig in my backpack that day (I…
The Rob Spends Wednesdays With Winnecke [VIDEO]
As you may remember, last month I took a trip down to the Mayor's office and played some video games with Lloyd Winnecke!  (If you didn't see it, you MUST see it, available HERE!)  I decided to stop by and see him again this month.  Every Wednesday, I will release a portion of our conversation.  In …
Evansville Family Held Hostage by Goose
Sheer craziness unfolds in this week's episode of "It Came From Evansville Watch!"  If people aren't ripping off grocery stores, dollar stores, or convenience stores, it's the car-full of people unable to get out of their vehicle thanks to a maniacal GOOSE!

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