Melissa McCarthy Plays “Just Desserts” on SNL [SNL Rewind]
This weekend on NBC's Saturday Night Live, Melissa McCarthy joined the elusive "Five Timers Club!"  By hosting for a fifth time, she even received her "Five Timers Club" jacket from Steve Martin at the end of the show!  This weekend's episode was also pretty funny!  I know a lot …
Powers Boothe, Star of ‘Deadwood,’ Dies at 68
A sad day for fans of Powers Boothe, as the revered character actor has apparently passed away. The sinister-voiced star was well-remembered for his role as one of Deadwood’s big bads, as well as appearances in everything from Sin City to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Spicer and Trump TOGETHER on SNL
The comedy gods answered my prayers last night and put Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin in a skit TOGETHER as Spicer and Trump! In this skit, Spicer finds out Trump has tricked him and is considering replacing him! Watch the video to see Spicer's reaction...

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