Greatest Nintendo 64 Games [16-Bit Superstars]
For many video gamers, the Nintendo 64 represents a high point for the industry.  While I never considered Nintendo 64-bit console generation to be their greatest, I had a much harder time than I expected narrowing down my list to just the three games I thought were the best on the system.  Together…
Does Daylight Savings Time Still Help?
Daylight Saving (not Savings) Time begins next week but some people like myself wonder if it is still necessary or even helpful? Daylight Saving Time began as an attempt to maximize the daylight hours during the winter months. But some parts of the country, even some parts of Indiana don't part…
Video Game Monsters [16-Bit Superstars]
In honor of our celebration of all things Halloween in the world of video games, today the 16-Bit Superstars will look at video games' most common MONSTERS!!  I know...  Scary!  Enjoy this trip down memory lane with The Rob and Steve Henning, The 16-Bit Superstars!

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